About us

Our Mission & Vision

why we do & what we do

ZYNTEIRO  is dedicated to integrating  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and  Internet of Things (IoT) in order to bring convenience to people’s lives, simultaneously, to  increase efficiency and  reduce costs in businesses.

Up to the present, we have provided solutions to farms, wood processing plants, garment factories, metal products & hardware stores, hotels and other small businesses. The projects include Face Recognition Access Control & Attendance System, Human Presence Detection, Object Recognition, Real-time Inventory System, Smart Power Monitoring & Control, et cetera.

However, AloT (Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things) in itself is a broad scope, what we have done is just the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, how can “constantly bringing forth innovative ideas and developing AloT” serve society is also our main objective to achieve.

Our Name is Our Philosophy

how we do

“ZYNTEIRO” is inspired by two English words: “Syntropy” and “Apeirogon” where “ZYNT” is derived from the “Synt” of “Syntropy” and “EIRO” from the latter word “Apeirogon”.

According to the concept borrowed from Thermodynamics, a system without the infusion of external force will gradually decline into disorder, which can be better understood in this case: “A room will never get cleaner and cleaner if we don't get people to clean it”.  What “Syntropy” means here is the infusion of external forces that indicates the belief of our company: “A company will not be ousted from the industry, only if it is being constantly innovative and creative”. This concludes, in our company’s dictionary, “Syntropy” explains the value of “Keep being innovative”.

To further, in Geometry, “Apeirogon” means a generalized polygon with a countably infinite number of sides. Therefore, we would like to use the word to implicate our ambitions in infinitely developing and expanding the business without limits. The symbol of “∞” also conveys another belief of the company: “Balance”, which urges our company not to forget to return the help and kindness back to the community while utilizing the resources of the society to achieve our goals. This bilateral endeavor creates a reciprocal relationship which is the key of the sustainability of the company.